Month: May 2020

On March 29, 1881, in Engineers’ Hall on the campus of Washington University in St. Louis, Mo., 22 men representing water utilities in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, and Tennessee founded the American Water Works Association. At this time there are more than 180 AWWA Standards that cover everything from the well to storage tanks,

Both the AWWA and ANSI have thorough standards for pipe flanges, the two standards are different in several ways. The AWWA standards provide flange properties intended for potable water use only, while the ANSI standards are designed for industrial flange applications. The AWWA flange ratings are only applicable at atmospheric temperatures. The ANSI ratings cover

Subcommittee C of ASME B16 began work in November 1980 on the B16.47 Large Diameter Steel Flange Standard to standardize dimensions and materials for Nominal Pipe Sizes 26” to 60”. Prior to this in July of 1952, MSS-SP44 covered 12” thru 60” Nominal Pipe Sizes, in 150# to 900# pressure ratings in RF and RTJ