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How to Read a Mill Test Report (MTR)?

What is a Material Test Report (MTR)? A material test report (MTR) quantifies the specific chemical and physical properties of a particular manufactured product. An MTR is a document used in the metal industry that certifies as a guarantee from the manufacturer to the supplier or end user. Coastal Flange sends Material Test Reports with…

Large Diameter Flange Factory Tour

Welcome to a tour of Coastal Flange Houston facility! Forged Steel Forged steel is the raw material used to manufacture steel pipe flanges. Coastal’s large raw material inventory allows us to provide some of the industry’s quickest turnaround. The large diameter capabilities of Coastal Flange are some of the best in the industry! Production This…

Carbon Steel Flanges vs. Stainless Steel Flanges

What are the most popular Grades of Forgings used in Flange Manufacturing? The first most common Forged materials used for the manufacture of Pipe Flanges are the following, in the Carbon Steel grades, A-105 (high temperature service max of 1000*F). The A-350 LF2 grades of material, (for lower temperature applications). A-694 Grades, F42 thru F70…

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