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Uses of Flanges

What are the 6 most common flanges?

The following are the 6 types of flanges most common flanges in process piping systems. 1. Slip On As made obvious by their name, these pipe flanges slip over the pipe. They’re manufactured with an inside diameter that is slightly bigger than the pipe’s outside diameter. These attachments are connected to the pipe via fillet weld at…

AWWA C207 Vs. ANSI B16.5 Industrial Steel Pipe Flange Applications

Both the AWWA and ANSI have thorough standards for pipe flanges, the two standards are different in several ways. The AWWA standards provide flange properties intended for potable water use only, while the ANSI standards are designed for industrial flange applications. The AWWA flange ratings are only applicable at atmospheric temperatures. The ANSI ratings cover…

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