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What is a Ring Type Joint (RTJ) Flange?

 Ring Type Joint Flanges

Ring Type Joint Flange from different viewpoints.

The Ring Type Joint or RTJ refers to the type of Gasket required for the Flange. The Ring Type Joint was designed for the Petroleum and Petrochemical industries where higher pressures and temperatures are present. The sealing surface is a high tolerance groove cut into the face of the Flange with a maximum of a 63 RMS finish. The seal is achieved when the bolts are torqued down compressing the RTJ ring into the groove of the Flanges.

Ring Type Joint Flange manufactured at Coastal Flange.

RTJ Flange painted and manufactured by Coastal Flange

Ring Type Joint gaskets are manufactured to ASME  B16.20 Standards and are suited for use with the Flanges made to ANSI B16.5, ASME B16.47 Series A and API 6A Standards.

Benefits of using an RTJ flange and ring is that the gasket is restricted to a groove that has two sealing surfaces. The groove ensures the ring centers itself when the bolts are tightened.  The sealing pressure increases when the process pressure increases on these type of flanges.

A disadvantage of using RTJ flanges is that the grooves can collect dirt or moisture when the flange is open.  It is important that the grooves and ring gaskets are properly aligned in order to create the proper seal.  The seal must be maintained throughout the operating cycle

Technical data sheets on Ring Joint Flanges are published on the Coastal Flange website for your convenience.

RTJ Gasket Types

RTJ Gaskets

There are three Types of Ring Type Joint gasket designs, the R Type, RX Type and BX Type. The R Type is the most often used supplied with two different profiles, oval or octagonal. The oval type was the original design with an oval shaped groove machined into the Flange Face. The octagonal RTJ is a modification to the oval design and is the most common because of its sealing efficiency. The R and RX octagonal gaskets use the same groove design. The RX is designed for higher pressure up to 5000 psi and is more effective where vibration and shock loading is present. The BX Type gasket is only to be used in API 6BX Type Flanges and is good for pressure ratings up to 20,000 psi. The RTJ Flange will include the Ring Number in the stamping on the Out Side Diameter of the Flange to identify the Type of Ring to be used.

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