Month: June 2020


JULY FLASH SALE 36’ 150# / 125# FF SO Flanges over stock from customer order. Sale price of $788.00 ea. Use promo code 73120. This offer expires on July 31, 2020

What are the most popular Grades of Forgings used in Flange Manufacturing? The first most common Forged materials used for the manufacture of Pipe Flanges are the following, in the Carbon Steel grades, A-105 (high temperature service max of 1000*F). The A-350 LF2 grades of material, (for lower temperature applications). A-694 Grades, F42 thru F70

The Flange Face is the surface area where the gasket seats to seal the Flanged connection. During fabrication the Flange is always fitted perpendicular to the pipe to prevent any leakage of the connecting joint. The most common types of Flange Faces are the Raised Face or RF, the Flat Faced or FF and the

The Weld Neck Flange is easily recognizable by the hub that gradually tapers from the bolted connection to the pipe. At the Point of Weld on the Weld Neck it is supplied with a specific bore to mate with the attaching pipe or fitting. This connection is made with a full penetration butt weld, this