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Carbon Steel Flanges vs. Stainless Steel Flanges

What are the most popular Grades of Forgings used in Flange Manufacturing? The first most common Forged materials used for the manufacture of Pipe Flanges are the following, in the Carbon Steel grades, A-105 (high temperature service max of 1000*F). The A-350 LF2 grades of material, (for lower temperature applications). A-694 Grades, F42 thru F70 (For high yield applications). You will find the high yield material used extensively for pipeline service due to the superior strength of this material. The Alloy steel Forgings have a higher Chrome and Molybdenum content than the standard Carbon Steel Forgings and are designed for use in high temperature (over 1000*F), high pressure service. They also have a higher resistance to corrosion than standard Carbon Steel Forgings due to the higher Chrome content. These low and medium Alloy Carbon Steel Forgings fall under ASTM A-182 F5, F9, F11 and F22.
The second most used Forged materials in Flange manufacturing are the Stainless Steel materials which chemistries contain higher levels of Nickel, Chrome and Molybdenum. These are designated as the ASTM A182-F300 and A182-F400 Series of Forgings. The most popular of these are A182-F304 / F304L and A182-F316 / F316L. These grades of Forgings can have trace elements added in the melting process for specific service requirements, also note the 300 Series are nonmagnetic where the 400 Series have magnetic properties and are less resistant to corrosion than the 300 Series. We will touch on the Duplex and Super Duplex grades as well as the High Nickel Alloys in another post. Contact us here at Coastal Flange with any questions or for a quote tailored to your specific requirements.

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