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What are Lap Joint Flanges?

A Stub end Flange or more commonly called Lap Joint Flanges are used with Stub Ends. A Stub End adapter slides thru the Flange and is welded to the pipe. The Lap Joint Flange is similar to the Slip On Flange except it is flat across the face and has a radius machined at the bore. This allows it to rotate freely around the Stub for easy alignment to the mating Flange.

When when bolted up the Lap Joint flange compresses the Stub end to the gasket and the other mating surface and makes the seal. Stub Ends and Lap Joints are normally used in Alloy piping systems. These flanges are usually made from less expensive Carbon Steel materials since they are not exposed to the process fluids. Lap Joint Flanges are supplied in all Diameters and pressure classes. Coastal Flange can provide pipe flanges in all material grades, specifications, and sizes.

24" 300# Lap Joint Flanges for Type B Stub Ends ready for inspection.

36" 300# Lap Joint Flanges for Type B Stub Ends going to the Drills.

Type A Stub Ends are standard length and Type B Stub Ends are longer in Length for the Higher Pressure Flanges with Longer overall length.

48" 300# Lap Joint Flanges for Type C Stub Ends

Type C Stub Ends are made on application from Pipe and then the Gasket Surface is machined to fit the project requirement.

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