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What is a Skirt Flange?

16 AWWA Class E Skirt Flange being welded in the positioner

18 AWWA Class E Skirt Flanges after refacing going to be drilled

Custom Engineered AWWA Class E Skirt Flanges being readied for shipment

Skirt Flanges are just one of the Custom Engineered Pipe Flanges we produce here at Coastal Flange. A Skirt Flange is a Pipe Flange with a short piece of Pipe welded to it for use with cement lined pipe. The Skirt Flange is lined with a Cement-Mortar mix and is applied according to AWWA C 205 guidelines.

Skirt Flanges are commonly used at treatment plants and pumping stations where Flanged connections are made.  Cement lined pipe was first used in 1922 in Charleston Couth Carolina by the Charleston Commission of Public works for underground potable water supply lines. The Municipal Water Districts have used the Cement Lined Piping Systems for several reasons since then. The primary reason is the lining prevents tuberculation and keeps the water pure, it also stops discoloration and odors. When used for underground piping systems the risk of leaks is eliminated, reducing maintenance and replacement cost from pipe failure.

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