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What is an Orifice Flange?

Orifice Flange

The Orifice Flange is used to measure the flow of product through the piping system. When the Orifice Plate is installed there is a restriction of flow creating a differential pressure and this is used to measure the flow rate of liquids, steam or gases. The Orifice Plate is a thin plate with a center bore that is determined by the desired flow rate.

Orifice Flange Material Grade and Facings

Orifice Flange assemblies are available in all ASTM material Grades and fall under ASME B16.36 and are supplied with either a Raised Face or Ring Type Joint facing. They are not made in 150# rated Flanges because these Flanges are not thick enough to allow for the drilling of the pressure taps, but are supplied in the 300#, 600#, 900#, 1500# and 2500# Classes.

Orifice Unions

The Orifice Flange assemblies consist of a pair of Flanges, bolts, nuts, gaskets, jack screws and plugs. The jack screws are used for installation or removal of the Orifice Plate. These assemblies are referred to as Orifice Unions. The Orifice Flanges are installed in a straight run of pipe to avoid turbulence at the Orifice plate with ten pipe diameters upstream of the Orifice Plate and five diameters downstream. This is according to the American Gas Association.

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