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What are the Types of Flange Gaskets?

In Piping Systems a Flange Gasket is placed between two connecting Flanges to create a leak proof seal. The three primary types of Flange Gaskets are Non-metallic, Semi metallic and Metal Gaskets.

Flange Gasket by Project Materials

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The Non-metallic Flange Gaskets are used in low pressure, low temperature and noncritical service applications. These are supplied as a Ring Gasket for Raised Face Flanges and a Full Face Flange Gasket for Utility or Water Works Service in 150# and 300# ratings. These Flange Gaskets are made from a soft material to seat in the Grooves of the Flange Face.

The Semi Metallic Flange Gasket or Composite Flange Gaskets are a combination of metal and nonmetal materials based on Product and Service requirements. The most widely used is the Spiral wound Flange Gasket, it is suitable for a wide range of temperature and pressure Classes. Normally a filler of Graphite or PTFE combined with a Stainless Steel or other Alloy is formed into a Spiral winding with a metal outer ring to seal the Flanged joint when compressed.

The Metal Flange Gasket or Ring Type Joint Flange Gasket is all metal Flange Gasket made from Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel or other Exotic Alloy and is commonly called a RTJ Gasket. The RTJ Flange Gaskets are designed to be used in high pressure, high temperature critical applications. The RTJ Flange Gasket fits into either an oval or rectangular cut groove cut into the face of the mating Flanges. When tightened these Flange Gaskets are squeezed into the grooves and will provide a strong and long lasting seal at the Flanged connection.

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