The Stud Bolt is made up of three parts, a fully threaded rod and two Heavy Hexagonal Steel Nuts. The Stud is covered by ASME B1.1 and the Nuts are covered by ASME B18.2.2. The ASME B16.5 and B16.47 Specifications determines the quantity and size of the Studs and Nuts for Pipe Flanges. The Stud is inserted in the Bolt Holes of the two mating Flanges and tightened to a specific torque to seal the Flanged joint. The Flange Type, Pipe diameter and Pressure rating will determine the quantity and size of the required Studs. The ASME B16.1 Specification covers the Thread series and Thread Pitch of the Stud, the eight Thread Series is used for several of the ASTM Specifications. The ASME B18.2.2 Specification covers the Hexagonal or six sided Heavy Nuts that are used with the Stud, the six sides make for a quicker and more effective connection of the Flanged connection. The Heavy Series nuts that are used have a washer face on one side to evenly distribute the load to the Flange when tightened and a chamfer finish on the back side to reduce the stress on the Heavy Nut. Call Coastal Flange with any questions or to receive a Flange quote tailored to your needs.

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